How to Use Stories to Sell Like Crazy In Your Email Marketing-Infographic

Whether you use stories from customer testimonials, your own company origin story, or parables, you can capture the imagination of your email subscribers by using story in your marketing. This will allow your emails will stand out from all the other messages in your subscriber’s inboxes. Here are ways you can use stories in your ... En savoir plus »

22nd Jun 2017

The hitchhiker’s guide to email testing

So you’ve mastered the A/B subject line test. You know exactly what character count gets you a 0.0001% uplift in opens. So, what now? Every day, I am grateful for the Internet, the ability to search for anything and get a clear answer. Well, almost clear. The point I am trying to make is there is more to testing than just subject ... En savoir plus »

19th Jun 2017

4 Reasons Why Segmenting Your Lists Dramatically Impacts Your Success

Gone are the days when digital marketers would send the same generic email blast to their subscribers. Now, every savvy digital marketer knows that segmenting their email marketing list is key to running successful email campaigns. In fact, many customers have come to expect this high level of personalization. A report from AgilOne ... En savoir plus »

19th Jun 2017

It’s the Email Difference! Transactional vs. Commercial Emails

The line between transactional and commercial emails sometimes can be ambiguous, but both laws and industry best practices for deliverability require that some aspects, like opt-in and unsubscribe, be treated in very specific ways depending upon the message type. That’s why the team at SparkPost has created ... En savoir plus »

6th Jun 2017

17% of marketing and advertising agencies would go under if hit with a GDPR fine

Almost a fifth of companies in the marketing and advertising sector would go out of business if they were to be hit by a fine for non-compliance of the new GDPR legislation.  The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in less than one year and covers everything from a consumer’s ‘right to ... En savoir plus »

6th Jun 2017

A Guide to Sending Brilliant Ecommerce Welcome Emails

Despite today's focus on personalisation, the majority of online retailers out there are still sending generic, undifferentiated marketing emails. Why? Because most digital marketing channels have always had low variable costs (i.e. it doesn't cost much more to send 1000 emails than to send one); consequently, ... En savoir plus »

26th May 2017

10 examples of welcome emails of varying quality from online retailers

For brands, a welcome email is the perfect way to make one. In fact, according to a study by Return Path, users who read one welcome email will go on to open at least 40% of emails from the same brand in the following 180 days.  Despite this, however, only 51% of the UK’s top ecommerce brands are reportedly ... En savoir plus »

26th May 2017

10 examples of highly effective welcome emails

One of the most important tools in your email marketing toolbox is an automated welcome email. When new contacts subscribe to your list, you want to welcome them to the group with an inviting email. A welcome email is the first friendly exchange between your business and a new subscriber. It sets the tone for future ... En savoir plus »

26th May 2017

Digital Design Trends You Need To Use in 2017

Many factors influence the latest digital design trends; from new design instruments and software, to new design approaches. It’s tough keeping up with the Joneses’. We have compiled a list of design observations to make it easy for you to stay on trend in 2017. Bring these trends into your email campaigns, website design, ... En savoir plus »

26th May 2017

How Growth Marketing Can Improve Your Email Metrics

Every individual of an organization is responsible for its growth, from the email marketer who creates the campaigns to the engineer who manages the systems that send them. The popularity of “growth marketing” strategy illustrates this desire to accelerate business, but what is growth marketing and how can it be applied to ... En savoir plus »

14th May 2017