7 Personalisation Trends All Marketers Need to Know

On the heels of launching the first-ever Retail Personalization Index, our ongoing analysis of the Sailthru 100 brands has surfaced seven significant trends affecting retailers, regardless of how successfully they’ve been investing in improvements to their customer experience and personalization to date. continue ... Подробнее »

18th Sep 2017

Marketer’s Field Guide to Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! [PDF]

Read the guide to discover: How the world’s largest mailbox providers filter spam. Different inbox productivity features and how they can affect your email marketing campaigns. Which services each webmail provider has for marketers and how to sign-up for each one. What Gmail, Outlook.com, and Yahoo require for authentication, DNS, ... Подробнее »

18th Sep 2017

How focus on value proposition in testing led to a 66% increase in event registrations from email

With 25 years’ experience in running The Global Leadership Summit, the marketing team was working with what they “thought” they knew about attendees. When they began testing, however, they realized that their customers could still surprise them.

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12th Sep 2017

Changes to data governance will impact your business

Changes to the governance of data will have far-reaching consequences for your business. The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will determine how your business does business, and particularly how it manages, protects and administers data in the future. The new regulations come into place in 2018 and you need to start ... Подробнее »

12th Sep 2017

How to Build an Interactive Quiz in Email

Email on Acid sent a fun interactive email for the 4th of July featuring a "choose your adventure" format where the reader had a choice of sending an email without testing on Email on Acid or after testing. There were a few tricks in the email such as a ticking clock, but at the core the email uses a "quiz format" ... Подробнее »

6th Sep 2017

2017 Email Stats (According to Adobe)

This week Adobe posted their third-annual Consumer Email Report. It was a self-reported survey of 1,007 white collar individuals who probably got paid for their time to speak to someone about something that nobody loves talking about. But, because there is some statistical significance in the numbers, who are we to knock them? ... Подробнее »

5th Sep 2017

Email Marketing and The BCC: Better Ways To Verify Assured Delivery

The BCC is probably something you don’t normally think about in reference to marketing or transactional email. Chances are if you spent any time in marketing, you probably don’t use BCC for one to many communications—and, in reality, you shouldn’t. If you Google “BCC and email marketing,” you’ll ... Подробнее »

5th Sep 2017

10 Email Subject Lines That Drive Sales

Many marketers fret over the body copy of the emails they’re going to send and don’t think enough about email subject lines. It goes without saying that the body copy is important — it would be foolish to claim otherwise — but what good is beautiful content if a buyer never opens the email to see ... Подробнее »

5th Sep 2017

UK data protection laws to be overhauled

Britons could obtain more control over what happens to personal information under proposals outlined by the government. Citizens will be able to ask for personal data, or information posted when they were children, to be deleted. The proposals are part of an overhaul of UK data protection laws drafted under Digital Minister, ... Подробнее »

8th Aug 2017

The New Yahoo! Mail and How to Target It

Yahoo! Mail released an update two weeks ago that came with a new UI, a few new features and some performance improvements. Yahoo! Mail also made some tweaks on how they process CSS as well. The significant change is that the new Yahoo! Mail no longer strips display:none styles when applied inline.You should note that since ... Подробнее »

7th Aug 2017