Choosing an email service provider to fit your needs in 4 steps

As one of the most commonly outsourced services, an ESP (email service provider) can be a great asset to a marketing team. Choosing the wrong one, however, can slow projects and inhibit email creativity, as well as cause issues with subscribers. Finding the best ESP for your company means more than just wandering out into the ... Read More »

27th Feb 2017
A How-To Guide on Embedding HTML5 Video in Email

This article will teach you how to embed HTML5 video so that it can be played in email clients that support video in email, specifically Apple Mail, iOS 10 and the Samsung email client. It will also cover various fallback techniques so that alternate content is displayed in the clients that cannot play video. As you can see from the ... Read More »

27th Feb 2017
5 Favorite Valentine’s Day 2017 Emails

Whether you love it or hate, you can’t avoid Valentine’s Day – in the inbox anyway. V-Day promotions were everywhere this year, with more brands ramping up their creativity and delivering exceptional email experiences. Here are five of our favorite emails from Valentine’s Day 2017.  continue ... Read More »

17th Feb 2017
How Feedback Loops Help Mailbox Providers

The benefit of email feedback loops for senders and email users is fairly well understood. Feedback Loops help people unsubscribe from unwanted email and help senders maintain lower complaint rates and a higher sender reputation. Less known are the benefits of feedback loops from the Mailbox Provider’s perspective. continue ... Read More »

17th Feb 2017
Five Ways Email Marketing Will Change In 2017, 2018

Less focus on campaign metrics, with a shift toward customer metrics. Email service providers have made significant investments in moving marketers from “batch and blast” campaign-based mailing to different forms of “contextual messaging” (triggered messaging, automated customer journeys, lifecycle ... Read More »

14th Feb 2017
7 Reasons Email Marketing Still Works

It may (or may not) be Throwback Thursday when you read this, but when we refer to email marketing, we are not trying to do a throwback from the distant past. While some remember the days of hearing, "You’ve got mail" and are taken back to the early days of the Internet, this blog isn’t about email back in ... Read More »

1st Feb 2017